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because fans tend to lost interest in a family who just wanders into their little town of Salem, completely unknown to anyone, and suddenly becomes a ‘major’ character in an on-going even more major storyline, well, we just don’t seem to care about them.  And, that’s what has happened with the Hernandezes.   They are butting into lives of people we know and love, and yet we still know very little about the siblings or their parents.   I know one thing for sure, and that’s that I absolutely love Rafe and Sami, but Ari and Brady are beginning to bore me.  Now, I did see some interesting tension between Ari and E.J., but the only thing I can say about Gabbi is the writers are really screwing this teen over with bad writing.  Who does what she does at, what, 16?  Nobody, unless you’re a runaway, and even then, if it can’t be explained logically, then don’t say or use it in a storyline.  Right now Gabbi is a bust for me as well.  But, we can all pose questions and/or suggestions til’ the cows come home, but if these writers choose not to explain the mystery surrounding the Hernandez family, I’m afraid fans will continue to feel disjointed from them.  By the way, I thought Rafe was a little over-the-top with what he did to Stefano, but like he said, "LIKE HE GIVES A DAMN."  I can’t believe so many are finding fault with the legalities of what Rafe is doing compared to what Stefano, E.J., and other like them have done.  He (Rafe) DOESN’T CARE how it looks, or to whom.  I think he is great to look after Sami the way that he does, and his intentions are honorable where Sydney is concerned, even though he knows what the consequences may cause him.  Kudos, Rafe.  It’s nice to have a genuine good guy around for a change.