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Hi June66watcher!  Love it!  I know from your posts you’ve been watching a bit longer than I have (me – just since June 1991).  I came to watching "Days" under somewhat unique circumstances – stuck captive in a hospital for six weeks due to a car accident.  My fellow roomate in the hospital was an avid fan and chatted and each day told me about this person or that person on the show and when I left the hospital to go home – I was hooked.  So unless the electricity went out, I haven’t missed a day of "Days" since – (thanks to the VCR and now DVR’s). 

I love all the rich history that you longer time fans can bring – because with this site, I can ask a question that I have about the show and (even with the Internet – you can’t always find the answer) about what happened or why this person is doing what they are doing and get a great answer – and a great discussion.  

I’ve even met a good friend through the commonality of interest of "Days" over the web almost ten years ago  – I thought she lived some where back east, south or elsewhere – lo and behold – 40 miles down the road from me!  Days friends are always around the corner – especially at Salem Place site!