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she’ll have coming to her from Stefano and E.J.  I can almost see beyond E.J.’s threats due to his mixed emotions where Nicole is concerned.  On the one hand, he did seem to have fallen in love with her, but can that love ever be regained?  I wouldn’t think so, but I do love Nicole and E.J. as a couple.  Now, Stefano, on the other hand, has nothing but contempt for Nicole at this point.  Not only has she cost him his son and grandchild, but she has proven him to be just as big a liar and betrayer in E.J.’s eyes as Nicole, herself, was.  Stefano did his very best to keep his affiliation with Nicole from E.J., and now that he his part in the deception has been proven, I’m worried that at some point, Nicole will pay the price for it.  We all know Stefano can get to people, even if they are in jail.  I’m looking forward to how the writers will deal Ari’s continuing story, but I have a feeling it will involve Brady rather than E.J.