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I don’t know – I must be twisted…I like Kate but then I’m a Stephano fan too.  Yes, Kate is awful, yes, she’s greedy and gritchy – and probably all five of the other baddddd factors of the "(Snow White) and the 7 Dwarfs".  And she could have handle her motherhood qualites (or lack thereof) with Austin, Phillip, Billie and Rex/Cassie – much better – she never mentions them, let alone sends them a Christmas card – (daddy – Roman doesn’t mention R/C either poor kids).  I remember her way back with she was on the fishing trawler hacking up all those fish, Phillip being "stolen", her having to be a call-girl,  etc., she’s got issues for sure but what would we do without a baddy or two on the show like Kate and Stephi?  Borrrrrrring!