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because in a recent interview with Crystal Chappel which appeared in both SOD and SOW, Lawrence had become physically and emotionally abusive to Carly.  She supposedly went to a medical convention where she wound up having, I guess, a quickie affair with "a friend," and, lo and behold, became pregnant.  She told Lawrence about it and he agreed to raise the child with her, but when the child was born, he became even more abusive and swore to kill the child unless she gave it away, which she did in order to save her child, because she knew at the time that she could never get away from Lawrence.  Now, how Carly found out her child was in Salem, or who she was living with, or where she was living, has yet to be revealed, but that’s where we are with the story right now.  I guess my reason for this post is that the father of her child just may, in fact, be Daniel, because evidently they were not only colleagues, but "friends" as well, because it turns out Carly introduced Daniel to his wife, Rebecca.  On Friday, when Carly and Dan finally came face to face, it was obvious they were a little more than friends, or maybe I’m just trying to imagine it that way, because I want it to be.  I think he and Justin both exude chemistry with Carly, but gosh I’d love to see her with Daniel more.  CC concludes the interview by admitting that at the time of the interview, she now knows who her daughter is, but is sorry that she cannot share the information with the fans yet.  Too bad, but I’m starting to really get into this sl.  Great job, DOOL, keeping us in suspense once again as to exactly what is going on.