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if EJ enlisted the aid of Anna to ‘keep Sydney away from Stephano’, but I have a hard time believing EJ being demented enough to do this to Sami.   Although EJ is ripe enough, after everyone has manipulated his life behind his back (Stephano, Nicole, Sami & even Victor) that he could be showing his ‘evil’ as being capable of turning on the girl who was once the love of his life (after all she has Rafe now), to turn against  the father who supposedly loves family in front of everything else (what a joke!), and to be rid of the wife who is the cause of turning his entire life upside down.   Ah Ha, that’s why EJ is working with the police — it’s a ruse!   But when Anna learns she has become the ‘pawn’ (so irronically referenced to the other day when Stephano & Kathryn were playing chess) then EJ will discover he’s enlisted the aid of the wrong ‘blonde’.  Look out EJ !