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that Chad was Bo and Carly’s son?  I do, so I’m just taking this as the writers laughing up their sleeve, seriously thinking they have finally stumped us.  That being said, I was always suspicious of Melanie not being Trent’s daughter.  Her last name was revealed as "Layton," and if ever two people didn’t look anything alike, it was Melanie and Trent.  As for Bo and Carly, IMO Bo is being the ridiculous one now.  Carly keeps trying to leave, and Bo keeps giving her every reason not to.  She insisted on getting a room at the Inn, and I believe her when she claims that the last thing she wants to do is to come between Bo and Hope, their marriage and their family life together.  In the meantime, Bo is now the one trying to seriously flush his marriage down the toilet, and he’s doing a damn good job of it.  I don’t think there is any ulterior motive with Carly other than wanting to find her daughter, but this fear of Vivian taking over Lawrence’s plot to kill the child is what is nerve-wracking to me.  Why not just pull Vivian up and put the fear of God into her.  The woman is twice your age, Carly.  You didn’t have any trouble knifing Lawrence when he threatened your child; what’s so damn scary to you about Vivian?  If it’s Victor, Bo will handle that end of it, so step back and look at the big picture here.  Lawrence made you give your child away in the first place, and we all know where he supposedly wound up (although I believe he’s alive).  As for what she looks like or what her name is, maybe Carly never even had the opportunity to even hold her child before Lawrence gave or sold her to, in my guess, Trent.  Both Bo and Hope are the ones acting like children here, not Carly and Justin.  I, too, think that maybe they will try putting these two together eventually, and I’m okay with that; but, in the meantime, Bo and Hope are the ones I find completely frustrating in this storyline.  This yearly on again/off again marriage of theirs is pathetic.  I’m sure the writers could do better for these vets other than the same old b/s!