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and I’m so glad DOOL has taken over 2nd place.  They really deserve to be No. 1 again, IMHO.  Y&R is not that good, and hasn’t been for quite a while now.   The time slot for DOOL is right in-between Y&R and B&B, so many of the fans who watch Y&R simply continue to stay on ABC and watch B&B, but the stories on DOOL this year, especially the baby switch, has brought fans back in droves.  Also, a lot of people who were avid fans of Passions actors continued to follow their favorite stars to DOOL, and the same thing is happening with Crystal Chappel fans.  She brings a huge fan-base with her, so thank you Crystal, as well.  Then, the return of Louise Sorrel has lit up the boards, and people are chomping at the bit waiting for Vivian’s real reason for returning to Salem take center stage.  Although AZ has been absolutely marvelous, I think a lot of people are growing tired of the baby switch story and now want to see it end (with the Christmas miracle, of course) and then move on to bigger and better sls.  Of course, I will be hoping that Ari Z. returns to a sl with some redeeming qualities for Nicole on the horizon.  I would love to see E.J. find a way to forgive Nicole, and possibly realize that he is still in love with her, although I’m not holding my breath on that front.  I do think we’ll be seeing some great new stories in the upcoming year, but even more importantly, an announcement from NBC that DOOL’s contract has been extended for at least another couple of years.  Then, who knows, here’s looking forward to once again seeing DOOL return to it’s rightful place in soaps…at the very top!  (JMHO)