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Hahahahha!  I’ve said that for years!  Everyone in Salem is living off someone else either on a trust fund or generosity. 

Hope – has a seemingly endless trust fund.  How is Lucas going to pay for that great big house he had built for Chole and his daughter?  Brady – living off the Tuscano/Victor (can’t spell Kiriakis) empire, as does Phillip (he may have a job but he’s never in his office anymore and when he was he was usually chasing someone around the desk).  Sami is living off the Black foundation – what was the last job she had?  Now Melanie was living off European men, guess the money hasn’t run out since she has a nice wardrobe and can afford nursing school – (wasn’t Carley rich before becoming a doctor).   Mia – is living off Maggie.  Where is Maggie getting her money – (if like the spoilers said about Mickey).   Kate was a waitress in the "poor" working section of town before she married Victor’s money and became an fashion mogel and then married even richer.  Then there’s Nicole – porn queen (I guess business was good), then she followed in Kate’s footsteps and married well.  Even Vivy – remember how poor she was?  Viv and Ivan had to win 1.6 million (if memory serves) to make it out of the "crummy" little two room apartment before they left.