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what the writers are doing to Stephanie as well as to Philip makes me think that somebody up there is trying really really hard to ruin these two characters completely, and they are succeeding.  They have turned Stephanie Johnson into a bore, and have now decided that she should become a ‘manipulative’ boyfriend stealing bore.  This is pitiful.  She is half Kayla…half Patch.  My goodness, write her that way.  Give her some spunk.  That whole scene with the sprained ankle and her leg in Nathan’s lap made me want to hit something…hard!  I cannot stand the character the way she is now.  She has no chemistry with anyone right now, so if the writers are going to continue to make her this wishy-washy, I can do without her altogether.  As for Phillip, I can’t understand his attempts to keep Melanie confused as to who she wants to be with.  Phillip doesn’t want Mel; he just wants to prove that he can take her away from Nathan.  I don’t believe for a minute that he will stay true to her.  Go butt heads with your two mommies and leave Mel and Nathan alone.  Speaking of whom, now we have Melanie, who is also supposed to be this strong, independent young woman, master manipulator of men, who has for reasons unknown been turned into this indecisive, whimpering teenager, falling for Nathan, but unable to stay away from her 30-something, on again/off again lover, who has done nothing but prove he is only with her when it suits his purpose.  Don’t like Phillip very much right about now either.  I know, the soapier the better for some, but honestly, whichever writer(s) take responsibility for these characters and yet another unnecessary, boring triangle/rectangle needs a good swift kick in his/her a$$ right now.