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I think the new site looks great.  It’s going to take a while to feel "comfortable" but I have a feeling it’ll settle in nicely and I already love all the "new" people from the Annex board coming over.

This is a "format" question.  Is here any way to flip the responses so the most recent post is at the end, not the top? I prefer to read in order of post and when I open the post it’s flipped so I’m reading backwards.

If there is not, no worries, I’ll muddle through until it begins to feel normal. But thought I would put the question out there.  I don’t know if others have similar issues. 

RE: Spoilers…   can you make a topic heading "Spoilers" and anchor it to the top of the board so it never rotates down?  Then if we want to post about and read spoilers, we can click on it, but those who want to remain spoiler free will not accidentally run into a spoiler.

Great job Jenn, and THANK YOU very much.