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 what it was, maybe "meningitus?"  She was a few months old. Enough time for Sami and Rafe to bond with her and suffer from her loss.  Sami at first didn’t want EJ to realize he was her father so she left her at the convent and then told everyone she adopted her.  EJ didn’t suspect that she was his and Sami’s child (not that she was).   Ali S. and Galen G. did an incredible job during her death story.  It was definitely Emmy nomination stuff.  It was extremely emotional.  When Nicole learned that the baby was very sick and not likely to make it she snuck Mia into the hospital to see her.  Mia had become attached to her child due to spending time with Will.  Nicole even told a nurse that Mia was the ‘mother’ which didn’t make a connection with Mia until recently.