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    Does anyone know anything about Calista Lockhart? Has she been on Days before or is this a new character? How is she Bonnie’s sister in law with the same last name if she was married to someone else? I assume Lockhart is Bonnie’s married name? This is confusing!


    Supposedly, she was married to Bonnie’s brother, which doesn’t make sense because I heard his name is Harrison Lord (a play on Harrison Ford). Maybe she is the sister of Bonnie’s dead husband and Bonnie’s maiden name is Lord, which could then make sense.


    This is my take on this: Yes, there was a Buddy’s Burger Barn, given that Vivian once worked there, but still, did they ever show who owned it, i.e. Harrison Lord or an actor playing Harrison Lord then ?

    There’s this, isn’t it very odd that they play up the sweepstakes for the aforementioned businss, which is very reminiscent of what Claire had done when it came to Basic Black or Countess Wilhelmina’s contest where she stuffed the ballot box.

    The other question that I have that regards with this is that the characters never existed, meaning, Harrison Lord & Calista Lockhart, because the story involving Harrison Lord’s attempted rape of Bonnie is too reminiscent of what Adrienne went through, given that Justin had brought up to Bonnie, that he handed Adrienne a hanky the first time he found her crying, this was brought up when Steve rejected Bonnie when the foursome, Bonnie, Justin, Kayla, Steve were having dinner with each other, was it not ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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