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    Wednesday, September 21, 2022

    Kristen gets John to explode at Rachel’s custody hearing.
    Chloe asks Kate for a favor.
    Kayla and Marlena await their lab results.

    Steve has an intense confrontation with Orpheus. begins with Steve confronting Orpheus at the police station demanding to know what he did to the women. Kayla is in Marlena’s room telling Stephanie on the phone she’s swamped at work. Both women are coughing and sneezing.

    Kayla tells Stephanie its just her allergies. When she hangs up she says she hates lying to the kids. Marlena says it’s not lying it’s just omitting some details. She coughs and says listen to the two of us. Kayla doesn’t know what they have so she can’t prescribe anything

    Kayla asks if John went home to get some sleep. Marlena says no he had something to do. John is in the judges chambers for Brady’s custody hearing. Belle says Maggie just testified about Brady’s sobriety, can you tell us what kind of man he is

    Belle asks John what kind of man and father Brady is. John is thinking about Orpheus telling them their wives would die. Belle calls his name a few times and Brady finally says “Dad.” John looks up and wipes a tear away.

    Roman gets to Kate’s room and asks what she’s doing? She is getting dressed to get the hell out of there. Chloe rushes into the PD to see Shawn. He asks if everything is alright and she says no it’s not – it’s about Philip

    Shawn asks if she heard from Philip? Chloe says no, no one has for over a year and Kristen is using that to bring up the fact that Brady was accused of killing Philip. Chloe is really upset, she wants Shawn to come testify Brady didn’t do it

    Shawn says he can’t do that he would have to testify that it’s a cold case and still open. Chloe is frustrated she says then Kristen wins. “That bitch wins again.”

    The judge asks John if he needs a minute. John says no I’m sorry your honor as Belle and Brady look concerned. John says he gets upset when someone questions what kind of father Brady is

    Belle asks for an example. John cannot contain his sarcasm and it’s too good omg. “When Kristen Black was in prison for kidnapping….or was it attempted murder

    The judge stops John and he says I’m sorry “Anyway when she was away doing time in prison and everyone was appalled at all the things she had done. Oh I’m sorry I meant to say all the other things she had *allegedly* done…

    John says all Brady did was take care of Rachel. He never said a bad word against Kristen, he shielded Rachel from what others said about her mother.

    He was desperate that little Rachel never found out that her mommy stabbed her great grandpa Vic RIGHT IN TNE CHEST!!” The judge snaps Mr Black and John says sorry, sorry

    John says with all that going on Brady made sure Rachel got to see her mommy and put Rachel’s feelings first.

    “Isn’t that what good parents really do anyway?” This from John who right now is putting his kids needs and feelings first while his wife and his whole life is dying in the hospital

    The judge asks if Kristen has questions for John. Kristen says she has one for the court – is John a good judge of Brady’s character? She says John’s wife went on a three month crime spree and John didn’t seem to notice. “Maybe he just sees what he wants to see?

    Roman says the ISA is working on something to treat them. Kate says then she’ll come back to the hospital but till then she wants to be home, hopefully with Roman

    Orpheus mocks how are the girls. Steve sits close and holds a pen (?) near Orpheus face

    Roman thinks Kate is making a mistake. She says she’s not herself in the hospital and she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her time in the hospital

    Orpheus laughs that Steve thinks the pen is really mightier than the sword. Steve says it can be, if he jams it in Orpheus’ carotid artery it will kill him, and he’ll do it if Orpheus doesn’t say what he did to the women

    Marlena is counseling a patient on the phone and Kayla is working on her tablet. Marlena is telling the patient that the first step is the hardest but starts to cough. Kayla looks concerned

    Kayla tells Marlena you really shouldn’t be working. “Said the pot to the kettle.” Kayla says yeah I know but your immune system took a harder hit than mine

    Marlena just wanted to be distracted from thinking about what’s going on at the custody hearing. Kayla says I know it’s maddening but she can’t imagine a judge granting custody to Kristen DiMera

    Belle says John is not on trial. Kristen says his judgement is. Kristen is talking about all the things Marlena did and Brady murmurs “I hope you choke on your hypocrisy

    John sits next to Marlena who’s trying not to cry “Those kids – we did good Doc.” “Yes we did.

    Kate begs Roman please don’t do this. She says if they find out Philip is alive the FBI will arrest him and he’s getting the help he needs now and that will send him over the edge and then she’ll lose him

    Roman says he can’t stand by and let Kristen take Rachel away from Brady. Kate says ok she’ll tell the judge she doesn’t think Brady did it

    Roman says that’s not enough and Kate says Philip is her son she has to protect him. “You are in a horrible position and I know that Kate. I got kids – hell, I got Sami. I understand that.”

    Chloe gets to the judges chamber and Kristen says you were told to stay away. Chloe is looking for Brady and Kristen snaps he left and if he wanted you to know where he went he would have told you

    Kristen says Brady doesn’t need Chloe stalking him. Chloe, as she’s texting, casually says “I don’t think someone who broke out of prison, put in fake teeth and put on a housecoat to impersonate Susan Banks should talk about stalking.”

    Kristen says well a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Chloe says oh, like manipulate your ‘back from the dead’ brother to woo me away from Brady?

    Chloe tells Kristen that they saw right through her plan. Kristen says she has to get back into the courtroom. The judge walks up and Chloe asks if she can speak to her for a minute

    Marlena says you really called her that in court? “Yeah I called her a miserable bitch. Doc she kept pushing my buttons until I lost it

    Marlena is sure the judge saw through what Kristen was doing. She tells John he knows how she feels about Kristen but she does know that Kristen loves her daughter and wouldn’t put her own needs above Rachels

    Marlena is coughing and John says softly “honey?” She says it’s ok, it’s ok. He asks if she wants Kayla but Marlena says no she is working with the ISA lab. John says I hope to hell they find out what this is

    Kayla by the nurse station coughing hard. Steve rushes off the elevator and says she needs to lie down. She says no she’s fine and asks how it went with Orpheus? He says I got nothing

    Kayla says please say he is still among the living? Steve asks if Shawn called her? Kayla says no but she knows Steve

    Kayla ask Steve what he did but then her phone rings and it’s the ISA lab. (She’s trying to get their test results)

    The judge calls the court back in session and asks if Belle has more witnesses. Belle says no so the judge lets her make closing arguments. Cut to Belle finishing her closing statement. Now it’s Kristen’s turn

    Kristen says it would be dangerously wrong to leave her daughter in the custody of a man who is so obsessed with Chloe Lane – a baby thief – that he would kill his own uncle to be with her. Roman walks in and introduces himself as the former Police Commissione

    Roman tells the judge he has something to say that is relevant to this case. Kate is on the phone with Philip telling him it’s so good to hear his voice. She says he sounds so much better

    Kate says me? I’m fine. She says oh sure yes go to your therapy, she just wanted to say she loves him. Kristen protests, Roman can’t barge in and give a one sided statement defending Brady

    The judge asks Kristen why she’s so sure that Romans statement would be in favor of Brady? Kristen says he hates me, his whole family does

    Belle says she would like to hear what commissioner Brady has to say and the judge says I’m sure you do but that’s not going to happen. Roman says your honor, please. The judge says it’s too late she already made her decision.

    Shawn comes back into that interrogation room as he’s leaving a message for Belle to call him back. Orpheus mocks he might have needed medical attention and Shawn snaps you’re fine

    Shawn says Orpheus is terrorizing three innocent women. O says he is – to punish their guilty as hell significant others. “They will watch the women they love die and then I will finally be avenged.

    Kayla comes into the room with Steve and tells Marlena and John that the lab is having a hard time figuring out what’s wrong. Kayla starts to sway and then faints

    Kate asks Roman what happened – did he tell the court about Philip? He takes her hand and says turns out I didn’t have to. We hear him say the judge had already decided to rule in Brady’s favor as we cut to Belle and Brady hugging

    Brady asks happily did that just happen as Belle says it really did. Kristen says this is an outrage! Belle puts her on notice – any interference will end her back up in Criminal Court this time

    Chloe stands in the doorway and Brady rushes over crying”I have full custody.” Chloe hugs him and says thank God! Kristen accuses Chloe saying you did this that’s why you were hanging around

    Brady says Kristen you did this! You let the judge see who you really are and that was a big mistake. Kristen glares at Chloe and asks what exactly did you do?

    Chloe has a fb to showing the judge a video of Kristen threatening to stab her in the office. The judge says this should have been entered into evidence and Chloe says we couldn’t because Kristen was trying to turn Rachel against Chloe

    Chloe says she guesses the judge put Rachel’s welfare first. Kristen says this isn’t over. Brady says she feels like he can breathe again and hugs Belle and Chloe. He says we’re all gonna be ok. End

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