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    Days of our Lives
    Tuesday, January 25, 2022

    Abigail finds herself in a dangerous situation.
    Chad tells Xander about Abigail’s latest theory.
    Belle relays stunning news to EJ.
    Rafe declares to Nicole that he wants to be with her.

    Rafe thinks Ava was hoping to catch them kissing. He kisses Nicole

    The pilot asks Xander how his meeting went. He wants his money

    Chad is calling Abby. Belle is at the door to pick up some things for EJ. Belle asks Chad what EJ did to Abby

    Abby can’t believe it was Ava in the Sarah mask

    Chad told Belle that EJ forced himself on Abby at the courthouse

    Belle said it doesn’t make sense that EJ would do this right before Chad got in the stand

    Belle is so sorry for what Abby had to go through and said there is no excuse for EJ’s behavior

    Shawn tells Trask that EJ is meeting with his lawyer. She thinks he’s so damn arrogant

    Xander is trying to ignore the pilot

    Xander tells the pilot he found Sarah himself

    Abby thinks this doesn’t make any sense because Ava doesn’t even know who Sarah is

    Xander told the pilot that the deal is off. He bought a watch with the money he thought he was getting

    Belle and Trask soar over EJ’s case

    Trask is surprised that Belle made such a rookie mistake when EJ took the stand

    Trask is dragging Shawn for defending Belle. Shawn and Belle kiss and she glares at Trask

    Nicole pulls away from the kiss. She said they can’t do this because he’s with Ava

    Rafe thinks Ava is on a revenge rampage

    Nicole wants to give Ava the benefit of the doubt, but she doesn’t know what’s going on

    Rafe doesn’t like being tested or playing games

    Ava tells Abby that the mask was a prank and harmless fun

    Abby tells Ava that she’s going to call Rafe. Gwen knocks her out

    Trask tells Shawn that Rafe is under investigation

    Shawn thinks there’s no way Trask can believe that Rafe is corrupt. He said Rafe’s record is spotless

    Trask said that under Rafe’s leadership the Salem PD is a joke

    Rafe says he’s going to break up with Ava because this just isn’t working. Nicole thinks that he should wait until the investigation is over

    Rafe said it’s not fair to keep the woman that he is with in the dark about the woman that he wants to be with

    Chad came to see Xander looking for Abby

    Xander told Chad that Sarah has been found in his partnership with his wife is over

    Chad told Xander that Abby thinks the woman they saw isn’t the real Sarah

    Ava told Gwen that Abby has to be put down

    Rafe hates causing Ava pain, but he needs to be honest with her and break up with her so he could be with Nicole

    Rafe ask Nicole if that’s what she wants

    Shawn is defending Rafe

    Trask wants Shawn to go through everything in Rafe’s file with a fine tooth comb

    Belle isn’t in the mood for EJ. She tells him what Chad told her

    Chad is filling Xander in on Abby’s theory. Chad tells Xander to think about Gwen and her motive

    Gwen won’t kill Abby because she’s her sister

    Ava said she wants Rafe to pay for cheating on her and sleeping with that slut Nicole

    The pilot walks up to Ava and Gwen

    Nicole said she’s barely divorced. Rafe understands.

    Nicole said what happened between them was pretty unforgettable

    Rafe said they’re not together because they don’t want to be, it’s because he’s with somebody else

    Rafe thinks it would be great for them to be out there with how they really feel. Shawn is at Rafe’s door

    EJ has no idea what Belle is talking about. He insists he didn’t hit on Abby

    EJ said that he never left the courtroom and Belle knows that. EJ said if Belle doesn’t believe and then to ask Johnny

    Chad tells Xander that Gwen interrupted Abby and whoever was in the Sarah mask. Xander is annoyed that chad didn’t lead with that because that means that it wasn’t Gwen in the mask

    Chad said he doesn’t know what the hell is going on either and he’s just trying to find his wife

    Xander asks if he sure it’s Abby’s journalistic instinct or not the voices in her head. Chad tells him to watch it

    Xander tells Chad again that Abby isn’t there and Chad leaves

    The pilot offers to take Abby on the plane when he leaves, for a price

    EJ tells Belle that Chad is lying and is out to get him

    EJ thinks Chad is being eaten alive by guilt for conspiring with Lucas to frame him

    EJ thinks Chad has been paranoid for so long about his brother’s listing after Abby that he probably made it up

    EJ thinks maybe Chad isn’t even aware he’s doing it. Belle said now he sounds like her mother

    Belle doubts this story and said even if it’s true, why would Abby go along with it

    Belle said what EJ is saying is insane. EJ insists he never laid a finger on Abby

    The pilot told Ava and Gwen wheels up in ten minutes and wants to know if they want him to take Abby

    Nicole insists that Rafe is being set up

    Shawn tells Rafe that he talked to a guy arrested last night. He’s claiming Rafe planted evidence

    Shawn is there to place Rafe under arrest

    Trask tells EJ that he’s about to get some company

    Ava walks in with dessert as Rafe is being arrested

    Gwen comes back to the Salem Inn. Xander tells her that Chad was just there with a crazy story about a mask

    Chad is calling Abby. He’s worried. Belle comes back to tell Chad that EJ denied it. He says he doesn’t have time because he can’t find Abby

    The pilot is dragging Abby away

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