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    Thursday, September 22nd

    Sonny lashes out at Alex over his betrayal.
    Jennifer is caught in the act.
    Chad puts the pieces together regarding Abigail’s murder.
    Craig and Leo have a tense reunion.

    begins with Clyde and Nancy

    Clyde and Nancy tell each other their smitten. Clyde gets a text from his probation officer he’s due for a random drug test

    Clyde says back in the day he did a little bit of dealing but right now her love is the only drug he needs. Nancy thinks this is sweet and adorable

    Jen looks sadly at a pic of Abigail then manically swallows a handful of pills. Jack walks in and calls her name.

    Leo in jail wondering how Gwen could rat him out to the cops. She knows he didn’t kill Abigail. Craig walks up to the bars and says talking to yourself is the first sign of losing your mind. He asks if Leo is laying ground for an insanity defense

    Craig says he got back to town last night and heard Gwen turned him in. But he heard Leo turned on her first. Leo says maybe but what you did – your going to burn in hell for it.

    Jack asks what Jen is doing? She says fixing Abigail’s picture, remember how she would always come and rearrange things? Jack says a place for everything and Jen cries but Abigail is not in her place. Jack hugs her

    The doorbell rings and Jen says you should get that but Jack says they’ll go away. He says she is more important. Jen says she is just having a moment she’s ok. She hides the pill bottle behind Abby’s picture

    Sonny is sitting up in bed looking at a tablet. Alex comes in with balloons and Sonny snarks what are you visiting the pediatrics department and Alex says all for you my brother. I haven’t mixed Alex

    Sonny asks what Alex is doing there. He says trying to make my brother feel better. Sonny says that’s not what you want. You’re trying to take over Titan and steal my job

    Alex says he doesn’t want Sonny’s job. Uncle Vic made Alex take over till Sonny is better. Sonny says Alex making big moves while Sonny is gone.

    Alex says Sonny should be grateful to him for keeping stock prices up while Sonny is laid up

    Alex says he did this for the family and throws the jelly beans and says keep them. He storms out with the balloons but Sonny says he is sorry. He’s frustrated that he’s stuck in the hospital and maybe he overreacted

    Alex says he just wants the best for Sonny because he knows that he was upset when he lost his chance to run Titan over the Leo thing before

    Craig says he didn’t do anything to Leo. He says Leo is the one who hurt him on his wedding day. Leo says listen to the scorn. He says he knows the truth, that Craig is framing him

    Craig says he didn’t do anything to Leo. He says Leo is the one who hurt him on his wedding day. Leo says listen to the scorn. He says he knows the truth, that Craig is framing him

    Gwen came to see Jennifer. This just got worse. Jennifer says she’s grateful that Gwen turned Leo in – that couldn’t have been easy. Gwen says well she did it selfishly, he falsely accused Gwen before. “Oh you called the police out of spite.

    Jen said she’s grateful anyway now Abigail’s killer is in custody. Gwen says I wouldn’t be so sure about that

    Nancy shows Clyde the article on Leo getting arrested. Nancy says at least Sonny and Abigail are getting the justice they deserve

    Clyde says now Chloe and Nancy are safe and she says he’s so good to her. He looks at her ring and says you could use a little more bling, how about putting another band on that finger – he wants to get married today

    Nancy looks shocked. Clyde jokes he’s never seen her at a loss for words before. Clyde says seeing how jealous her ex got last night made him think. He wants to marry her cause he loves her but also making Craig jealous wouldn’t hurt

    Nancy says well Craig wouldn’t be happy and Clyde laughs what are you afraid of him? What’s the big bad doctor going to do?

    Chad is with Rafe explaining about Craig and Sonny remembering the vanilla

    Leo tells Craig that he thinks Craig killed Abby and stabbed Sonny. “You actually think I stabbed two people. For you.” Craig’s disdain lol.

    Leo says it’s just you and me here. “So talk me. Admit what you did.

    Sonny gives Alex a handful of jelly beans and says it’s a performance bonus for the great job he’s doing and he’s proud of Alex. Alex hugs him hard as Sonny says watch my back! Stephanie comes in

    Stephanie comes in and mentions the Lazerum deal and how the press is wondering why Alex bought the company and then turned around and sold it right back to Titan. Sonny realizes that was the company Alex stole out from underneath him

    Alex says it’s not what Sonny thinks. Sonny says omg I can’t believe I fell for this – you have been plotting against me since you got to Salem

    Gwen doesn’t think Leo killed Abigail. She doesn’t think he has the stomach to stab someone and he swore he was being framed. Jack says he’s had his doubts too

    Gwen tells them Leo is convinced it’s Craig. Leo is telling Craig to ahead and admit what you did. Craig says Leo – you reek of desperation. You think anyone will believe this crazy theory? Leo says he is going to prove it. Craig laughs.

    Nancy wants it to be the perfect time for them, not to hurt her ex. Clyde says she is a marvel. Let’s get married today just for them and not tell anyone

    Nancy wants Chloe there and she is going to want Brady there. And Craig should be there too. She says for the same reason that Craig wanted her at his wedding – because they’re family

    Leo is saying that Craig gave up his whole life for Leo and when he found out the truth he snapped. Craig grabs Leo through the bars

    Alex says he bought the company because Sonny almost blew it. He says Vic says you aren’t a killer and he’s right, Alex was just trying to help

    Sonny says that Leo is not the only one who stabbed him in the back and kicks Alex out of the room

    Clyde wishes Ben and Ciara could be there but he wants to do this today. She says Brady can be Clyde’s best man and Chloe her maid of honor. Clyde laughs Craig can walk you down the aisle if you want

    Clyde tells Nancy to call everyone and he’s going to go get that drug test done

    Chad says maybe the vanilla is Craig’s aftershave. Rafe says he can’t lock someone up on intuition and smells. Chad says he just wants the right person locked up for Abigail’s murder. Rafe agrees to look into it

    Craig says he doubts there is one person on earth who would miss Leo after all the horrible things he’s done so he can die in this cell. “Rot!!” He says he did not stab anyone. He says if anyone is framing Leo it’s not him

    Leo says Craig looks like a stone cold killer. Craig laughs he didn’t know the real Leo, he’s just glad Leo is out of his life forever. Leo says Craig is an excellent liar and he will prove Craig is a murderer

    Leo says that Craig is going to be sorry he ever laid eyes on him. Craig says he already is sorry and leaves

    Jen wonders why Craig would stab Abigail? Gwen explains that Leo thinks Craig did it to frame Leo. Gwen walks over to Abigail’s picture and talks about how sorry she is she hurt Abigail and didn’t have time to make amends

    Jack walks out with Gwen because he’s going to buy the paper and Jen goes over and picks up Abigail’s picture and the bottle of pills. Gwen walks back in because she forgot her purse and sees the pills

    Jen says just taking the last of these antibiotics. Gwen says she knows what those are, they’re opioids. She said her mom used to hide those pills behind pictures too and she can see it in her eyes

    Jen says Gwen has no idea what she’s going through and Gwen says no but she knows that Jennifer is an addict. She wants to help Jennifer. She’s going to get Jack. Jen snaps don’t even think about it

    Stephanie is so sorry, she didn’t mean to cause trouble between Alex and Sonny. She thought Sonny knew about the deal. He says he didn’t know, but now he knows he can’t trust his brother and he never will again

    Alex is at the elevator with the balloons and he hits Clyde with them by accident. Clyde smacks them out of the way without looking at Ben and says watch where you’re going son. Alex calls back I’m not your son.

    Nancy is calling Craig and leaving a message. She bumps into Chad. She says she’s so sorry about Abigail and they talk about Craig. Chad asks if Craig has always worn vanilla

    Craig is in the Pd and Rafe asks if he has time to talk about Leo

    Stephanie is at work, tells Alex Sonny is trying to get discharged so he can get back to his job

    Alex doesn’t care his brother is devastated, he’s flirting with Stephanie. What a guy

    Jennifer tells Gwen to mind her own damn business. Gwen says Abigail wouldn’t want this for Jen. Jen says don’t compare yourself to my beautiful angel “you are a virus in this family

    Jen says the only reason Jack has a relationship with Gwen is because she allows it. She said if Jack had to choose Gwen would lose every time. She throws Gwen out

    Nancy says that’s odd. She says Craig never wore aftershave or cologne. Chad asks maybe he started after you broke up and Nancy says that would be a coincidence because vanilla is what my fiancé wears

    Chad is thinking about hugging Craig and Clyde standing in the background. Chad looks stunned. Clyde is sitting in the hospital and peeks in Sonny’s

    New fb of Clyde standing behind Sonny at his file cabinet with a knife in his hand. End

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