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    Fri, Mar 4, 2022
    Abigail is reunited with Jack and Jennifer.
    Chad demands Ava give up the name of her accomplice.
    Tony and Anna disagree on how to handle their unexpected problem.
    Jack tells Xander that the real Sarah is home.

    Anna pacing in the living room wondering what is taking them so long to get home. She hears the door and it’s Tony. She says thank god you’re home she’s been so worried.

    Tony says Kristen got away but Abigail is home. Anna says she had a queasy feeling when she heard where he was headed

    Anna says it’s where you and Renee had your romantic idle but it doesn’t matter now Renee is long dead. Tony says actually – she was on the island.

    Sarah in a hospital bed complaining to Stayla about being kept there against her will. She snaps stop calling me Sarah!

    Ava in the interrogation room she murmurs those three loser setting up Rafe better not have ratted me out. Chad comes in and asks what she had to do with his wife being kidnapped

    Gwen and Xander in bed, she heard a banging at the door and it’s Abigail. She says she came to tell X what Gwen did to her

    Tony says it’s not really Sarah but she believes she is – it’s Sarah Horton.

    Kayla says we have to do a CT scan to make sure there’s no damages to your brain. Sarah is sure there isn’t and wants to get home to Tony and her long lost brother Chad

    Ava says she doesn’t even know Chad’s wife and she didn’t lay a hand on her. Chad says someone hit her from behind – who was it? Ava remembers Gwen knocking out Abigail.

    Abigail telling Xander everything that happened and Gwen saying don’t listen! Abby says Sarah has been held captive on an island for a year and Gwen knew. Xander shouts how could you do this to me??

    Gwen wakes up it was a dream

    Abigail rushes in to the room as Jen and Jack are waiting impatiently. They hug her and are happy to see her. They ask where Chad is and she says he went to confront her kidnapper

    Ava says the mask was harmless prank as she told Abigail. Chad says maybe but who knocked Abby out? Ava says she can’t answer that. Chad knows about her past and this is about his wife and he will make sure someone pays

    Ava says the mask was harmless prank as she told Abigail. Chad says maybe but who knocked Abby out? Ava says she can’t answer that. Chad knows about her past and this is about his wife and he will make sure someone pays

    X says Gwen keeps having nightmares maybe they should talk about it. She says it was about Snyder and how he rose up out of the water and started yelling how she wasn’t good enough for X

    Xander says he had a dream too that they were married with kids and a golden retriever named Dumpling and Gwen was voted wife and mother of the year

    Gwen smiles you didn’t really dream that. X say no but he wouldn’t be marrying her if he didn’t love her. She cannot wait to be his wife. He asks why all the bad dreams unless – are you nervous about Abby coming home?

    Gwen asks why she would be nervous and X says gently you tell me?

    Kayla is telling Sarah who she is and Sarah just says let me out of there. Kayla says she can’t – there are a lot of people who love her and they have to make sure she is ok. Abigail recovered from this drug and so can she

    Sarah agrees and Stayla leave

    Abigail telling Jack and Jennifer how someone hit her over the back of the head. She says Chad is with Ava know trying to find out who. Ava smirks so I just get to go home if I give up a name?

    Chad says yes and Ava says how do you know? Chad says he is a DiMera and has influence blah blah

    Steve is on the phone and Kayla asks is that Maggie? Steve says no, Brady about Kristen. He is waiting to call Maggie till they see if they have good news

    Xander talks about Sarah, he knows he is finished with her. Gwen says thats why you proposed to me? X says they belong together and nothing will get in the way of them being Mr and Mrs

    Stayla come back into the room and Sarah is gone.

    Tony telling Anna how Sarah thinks she is Renee and wants Tony. Tony says nothing he said made a dent, she is stuck in this emotional delusion. He says she is at the hospital getting tests, hopefully they’ve gotten thru to her by now

    Anna is pouting and Tony smiles she will have to accept that you are the one and only love of my life. Anna giggles and they kiss. Sarah comes in and says get your hands off my Tony!

    Ava says thanks but she will take her chances. If the cops had anything on her they would have arrested her. Chad says he wouldn’t count on that, she is a person of interest. Ava smirks she is always a person of interest, she is used to that.

    Chad says if you decide you don’t want to go to prison, give me a call. He leaves and Ava is pissed

    Xander called them Mr and Mrs Cook and she asks why he changed it to Cook. He said he did a while ago. She says she likes Cook and he says she doesn’t have to take his name if she doesn’t want to but Gwen says she does

    Gwen gets a text from Ava that says ANSWER THE PHONE and then the phone rings. Gwen says she doesn’t know who it is and Ava says get your ass to the PD now

    Gosh I am just so damn grateful to be back.” Abby says she is so glad they were there to watch the kids they probably didn’t miss her. Jack says no, every second was wheres mommy??

    Abby says now that she is back JnJ can return to Boston. Abby says he has the next big story – about Sarah being kidnapped, Kristen wearing the mask and breaking up with xander

    More recap. We’ve watched this all along unfortunately, we know the story

    Abby telling Jack and Jen that Kristen got away

    Steve should have known they were playing her. Kayla says she had them both fooled. Kayla gets a call, security saw Sarah leaving the hospital on the cameras

    Sarah says did you hear me? Step away from my Tony. Anna says sorry sweetheart, this is my Tony.

    Sarah shouts your marriage is a sham and Anna says what are you going to do about this person?

    Tony turns to call Kayla and Sarah calls Anna a tramp and tells her pack your bags and get out of my family home

    Anna says she is trying very hard to be patient because she understands Sarah is ill but she isn’t going anywhere, this is her home. Sarah says is that your father on the wall? I don’t think so. Anna says its not your father either

    Sarah says hello daddy to the portrait. Anna tells Sarah to go and Sarah says over her dead body. Anna steps towards her and says that can be arranged

    Ava is telling Gwen her name will come up in conversation a lot if she doesn’t get to the PD right away. Gwen says it was the wedding planner and she is going to pop round and see her

    Abby telling Jack and Jen that Sarah thinks she is Renee

    Tony says thats enough. He calls Sarah Renee and Anna says now you are calling her Renee?? Tony says thats the only way she will respond and he asks them to act like civilized adults

    Stayla arrive and Anna says thank god, did you bring the men in white coats? She tells them to take Sarah back to the hospital where she belongs while Sarah glowers

    Kayla wants to get her back to the hospital and Sarah says no thanks. Anna says do something, she almost attacked me. Sarah says she attacked me, take her in to check out her anger issues.

    If they just let Sarah stay in the mansion, come on, what a joke

    Tony asks what are they supposed to do? Kayla says keep her safe. Anna says seriously, you expect her to stay here? Kayla says then we will know she is saf

    Kayla says if you need anything else call us. “Anything else?? You haven’t done anything!!”

    Sarah comes back and starts moving things around. Sarah says its her family home and Tony says you can stay – for now. Anna says she is not going anywhere, we are husband and wife

    Sarah says you were married, she is going to call Don Craig to represent Tony. Anna says Don Craig went out to mail a letter one day and we never heard from him again

    Sarah says she will have Anna forcibly removed. Tony barks I don’t think so. Sarah says she will take care of everything and says its good to be home

    Chad gets to Jack and Jens and Jack hugs him, thanks him for bringing their girl home. Jack heard all about Sarah, he is going to call Xander

    Gwen rushes into the PD with a hat and scarf covering her face. Gwen says she is not supposed to be seen with Ava. Ava says thats the least of Gwen’s problems

    Xander answers his phone, Jack tells him Abigail just got back. X says thats wonderful news. Jack says it is but Sarah was there too. X says Sarah was where?

    Jack tells Xander remember that on the day of his wedding he got a call from Susan -that was actually Kristen. X says he knows that. Jack says well you don’t know Kristen impersonated Sarah

    The woman who broke up with you was Kristen in a Sarah mask.” X says but wait – omg. But what about when Sarah came back?

    X says was that Kristen too? Jack says no, that was Ava. X says this is too insane, it can’t be true. Jack says it is. X shouts where is Sarah now??

    Jack says there is one more thing you need to know before you find Sarah but X hangs up and rushes out

    Jen hugs chad and says he is there hero. Chad says seeing the kids faces when she tucks them in at night is thanks enough for me.

    Gwen says you aren’t going to rat me out are you? Ava says despite all her crimes she’s managed to mostly stay out of prison – why should she save Gwen and not herself?

    Jen asks how Xander took it? Jack says he hung up before I could tell him Sarah thinks she is ReneeTony is sorry Anna has to go thru this and calls her darling. Anna snaps don’t darling me, you went along with her delusions. Tony says she is ill she needs treated with kindness

    Anna says what if treating her with kindness makes your sane wife crazy??

    Sarah in HTS talking to the plaque, saying she is not Sarah she is Renee and she is here to take her life back. X walks out of the Inn and sees Sarah. End

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