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    To me, it wasn’t a wise move for Freddie Smith to have left the role. Think about it. If he had stayed, they would never have had the balls to write a bromance between Leo & Sonny, the way there is one with Chad & Sonny. Once ZT stepped into the role & the writing team had written the blossoming bromance between Leo & Sonny, look at how Tinker played it, it looked like he was falling in love with Leo & that he was willing to forgive Leo until he turned on the waterworks once he had learned of what Will had told him about Leo & Sloan & he’s in the position to vent hostility towards Xander for bringing that up? To me, ZT’s Sonny is too wimpish, too sensitive, to open, too trustworthy, with the hell that Leo put him through, he threw it away as it was garbage & was willing to fall for Leo’s BS, yet again & he doesn’t see that Xander was right about him & Leo? FS’ Sonny would have been petrifying the way Kurth had put it when FS’ Sonny had confronted Ben, when Sonny went ballistic over of how he felt about Will, ZT’s Sonny would have given Ben the key to the city, now wouldn’t he?

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