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    With how Sloan had put it out there to her brother, that she’s going to give Eric a child he desperately wants, & he has no clue that Nicole’s child is his. To me Nicole’s child needs to DIE NOW!!!!!! The reason is because it will backfire on Sloan once Eric finds out that Nikki’s child is his, then using a fake baby to keep him away from Nicole & yet kept it from him that Nikki’s child is his. Do you really think that he’s willing to co-parent with the respective mommies & two children in which one of them is fake, that he has no clue about?

    Remember, Eric did bring up that if she “DOES ANYTHING” & I mean quote ” DOES ANYTHING” behind his back, he ends things with her in a nanosecond. So was it a wise move to give the go ahead for Sloan to do just that? Given that she is reminding Nikki was to what she once had done to EJ, faking a pregnancy. Do you really think Serfati’s Sloan is going to be staying for a while?


    Sloan is going to be around a while. She was just put on contract. My theory is that Sloan will get pregnant. Either her baby or Nicole’s baby will need some life saving medical procedure and the other baby will be the match, thus revealing Nicole’s baby is Eric’s. Now my wish is that no matter what, Nicole’s baby is EJ’s. They never tested the baby’s DNA against EJ’s DNA, so there is a possibility that the baby is EJ’s. All we know is that the baby isn’t Sloan’s, lol!


    I also would like Nicole’s baby to be EJs. That could make for some interesting storylines.


    Agree! I’m so sick of all the silly attempts to get Nicole and Eric back together. Don’t like them as a couple at all. Boring!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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