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    Why is there a need to demonize a dead man to his own widow by allowing Vivian to take it out on his widow, think about it. With the frail constitution she has when she learned of her husband’s death, they rattle it yet again by having Victor to make sure to allow Vivian in taking it out on Maggie? Then this, with how of what Vivian had done to Sonny, by siccing Leo on to Sonny, given that Victor had allowed it by turning her business notion down to allow her to sic Leo onto Sonny, you going to tell me that given at that time Maggie was Victor’s wife, wasn’t she, how come his divorce to Vivian didn’t negate his marriage to Maggie at that time that it negates his marriage to Maggie now, with how they are playing it up now that his divorce from Vivian wasn’t legally finalized?


    That’s a good question, why not bring up the “invalid” marriage the last time Vivian was on? If Vivian was asked that question now, the writers would give her some lame excuse. History is being changed to come up with this crazy storyline.
    Not the first time this has been done.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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