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    Yes, I see Stefan’s point, that with how EJ was about to warn Gabi & Stefan when it came to their sister, Megan, he should have teamed up with him to end Clyde’s wrath, but with EJ being the D.A., that Paulina had given the position to, you tell me how he would have that position if she gets wind of EJ’s history with Clyde & then learning that he had teamed up with Stefan to get rid of Clyde. what then?

    With Johnny being Holly’s brother, explain as to why he’s nowhere to be seen when they had played up of Everett breaking down the door of Julie’s home & informing Chad & her about Holly’s O.D.

    Now, I know that the fire is going to happen, all because of Evvy-boy getting money from Chad to talk to drug sellers, that will put it in motion for Clyde to burn down Julie’s home, leaving her & Doug, Chad & children homeless, now wouldn’t it?

    Plus, this is Stefan’s mess to clean up, he was the one who went to Clyde to welcome him into DE, now didn’t & he thinks that EJ has to clean up Stefan’s mess?WTF

    The one that needed bone marrow ended up being Brady’s daughter, Rachel, not Mickey, with what Eric had relayed to Sloan, so Mickey wasn’t sick, was she?

    Will was the avid reader, not Abigail. Sonny got the novel Maurice that E.M. Forster had written in which Will had replied that E.M. wrote the novel The Passage to India.

    The reason as to why Jackson & William are needed in this story with Brady & Tate, is because of their insights with what played out when, no matter if Will was that shot EJ or not, they still went through it, now didn’t they, so they would be able to be there for Brady & tell him what Lucas did for him & how they all handled it back when, don’t you think?

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