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    When Chad & Stephanie had tried to set up boundaries that Alex was breaking left, right & sideways, you tell me as to why Stephanie would allow Everett to break the boundaries left, right & sideways, no matter if her relationship with Chad is on the skids or not?

    Constantine & Theresa: Abducting Victoria. That is the worse move possible, it would give Xander the defeat to get full custody of his daughter, by him playing up that Maggie & Sarah allowed Const access to kidnap Victoria, it would show to the court that child is in danger by the both of them, because they allowed Const to live with them.

    In next week’s episodes: Will Ari, Sonny & Will show up for Thanksgiving, & not have Justin to spend it with them, given that New Zealand doesn’t celebrate the holiday?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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