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    Helen Keller would see that he would be the wrong actor to play the role, they could have gotten Robert Bazzocchi, or Drew Garrett to play Tate, right? Just like Robert Adamson’s Michael on General Hospital, they could have gotten Robert Bazzocchi & or Drew Garrett to play the role, DG had played the role once before didn’t he? The viewers of GH would wanted to see Adamson playing a re-casted Morgan, the same with Leo Howard, he also would be able to play a re-casted Morgan for GH, right? They put it out there that Leo Howard was about to be brought on once before to play Tate, did that happen, NO. So what makes you think that this time around, he would be playing the role, he would look like a mini-James Scott, don’t you think, especially with all of the backlash that Eo’B had gotten in playing Theresa Donovan, especially with how EO’B’s British accent has been noticeable along with her wig shows to the audience that it is a wig, right?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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