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    Back when JJ was into drugs, & his bff at that time was a drug dealer by the name of Rory, that was back when joints were planted on Paige & when JJ was abducted. At that time, Victor hired an assassin by the name of Damon & back then, there was no story at all that Xander will end up being Victor’s son, it wasn’t written yet, so explain to me as to how that assassin that came first would end up having Xander to be Victor’s son, think about it, I can’t see Theresa doing that to Alex, now can you, because it will vilify Theresa to Brady, now wouldn’t it & then there this: With her & Constantine knowing who Vic’s son is, why would she have any involvement with a penniless Alex, I can’t see that Theresa cut out the entire Kiriakis family out of Victor’s Will, given that Brady’s son Tate is Maggie’s great-grandson by way of her late husband being Brady’s grandfather, right?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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