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    I get the animosity towards EJ, because of what he is doing to Tate. I totally understand where their hostility is coming from. What I’m getting at is why they don’t see that Tate put himself in that position. He footed the narcotics, he planted them on himself & then he showed them to his daddy. Holly is to blame as well, because she set the scene by buying those narcotics. This also mirrors of what Will went through with Sonny, he wasn’t alone when of what Nick had on him, Sonny was there through it all. So he returned the favor. Yes, Sonny’s actions were abhorrent, but the conspirators made sure to allow Sonny to fall for it, & that’s what we are seeing now, Holly set the scene, she bought the narcotics, she willingly OD’d on them, then Tate being the patsy, stumbled across it & made himself the fall guy, just like what Sonny’s actions, so once again, the stories that the Ambiguous Gay Duo went through is being repeated, yet again, right?


    I don’t think these temp writers have any original stories. Look at the Nicole and baby Jude storyline. Most of the stories happening right now are crappy and dragging and mostly repeats of stories we’ve already watched.


    Any ideas when the permanent writers return and we start seeing their stories?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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