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    It doesn’t matter as to how long Ben Weston has been gone for, but Clyde always referred to Ben as his boy, even when Ben was in prison with Will. Now, when Ben married Ciara & he was rumored to have been killed in a bomb explosion, the fire engulfed the entry of the church, can you really see Clyde resorting to fire-setting to Doug & Julie’s home, with how he feels about his boy, Ben???

    The female cop: If she was dirty, & is on Clyde’s payroll, would Clyde keep her alive to allow her to put it out there of her shooting one of the perps putting narcotics out on the streets of Salem, I don’t see him allowing that, don’t you think?

    Since when do they call a patient to tell the patient of their tumor growing instead of doing it face-to-face? Meaning, the news that Paulina told Abe.

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