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    Was anybody else ready to punch EJ today, Fri Jan 5, for his treatment of Tate?
    What a smug SOB. He has no proof of wrongdoing by Tate and no interest in investigating the real drug problem at the high school. He knows too much thanks to Stefan and is trying to cover himself.


    Yes! EJ was just evil! This whole storyline is so absolutely inaccurate. And letting EJ dictate what happens to Tate is so wrong.

    Let me count the ways—first EJ should recuse himself from this case, there is a conflict of interest since this story involves his step daughter. Second, there is a Good Samaritan law that says if a person finds a person has OD’d, and they call the police, they can not be held responsible for that overdose especially without proof. Third, the worst thing Tate could be responsible for is attempting to obstruct an investigation, same as Brady. Fourth, Tate has no prior convictions for anything and he’s 16 or 17. No one would throw him in an adult jail/prison. He would probably be sent to a juvenile detention center.

    EJ is going to eat his words when everyone finds out that Holly is a wild child and bought those drugs all on her own. But knowing EJ, he’ll want to keep prosecuting Tate. Justin is an awful lawyer and I see next week he quits representing Tate. Maybe everyone should have listened to Alex.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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