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    Is Martsolf on his way out or not? With having Brady being willing to try to put Phillip’s ass into prison, is there any chance where Phillip doesn’t face any repercussions at all & that Brady does? Remember, Brady had learned that Kate & Victor knew that Phillip is alive, & the both of them never legally declared Phillip dead, so with no body at all, the charges against Brady were dropped. So with the charges dropped on Brady, is he in any place to throw Phillip away into the clink, so to speak, if there’s a chance that Philly-boy gets wind as to what Brady had done to Kristen & has Belle & Kristen to make it news? Yes, granted that the charges against Brady was dropped by giving Kristen custody of Rachel, but still, it can be used against him when he tries to bring up Phillip’s actions, which in a way can’t be used against Phillip, given that no body had the charges against Brady, dropped, right?


    Brady isn’t going to jail. Phillip isn’t going to jail. No one is going to jail. This is just for the drama.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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