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    I can’t see Clyde doing this. Meaning, killing Abigail, given that they had put it out there that she’s not staying dead for good, now is she? I also can’t see him knifing Sonny either, given, it would shatter Nancy, the same woman he proposed to. Plus, remember this, when Leo came out of hiding, he stole all of Abigail’s jewelry & that he left the knife next to the jewelry box, but with the jewels gone & given to Craig, who had put the jewels in the pub safe, you tell me why would be in Abs’ bedroom to finish her off.

    The only people who knew of the knife was Chad, Jada, Gwen, Leo & Rafe & Sloane, with no reason to be in Abs’ bedroom with the jewels in the pub safe, how would he have known about the knife much less, there’s no reason for Clyde to be at Titan.

    The only way for Clyde to have known about Leo’s hit list is when Leo snatched Nancy’s wig off of her head, but, he doesn’t know about the knife now does he?

    I can’t see Clyde trying to off Sonny in his hospital bed, given, that no one knows at all that he was at Titan but him.

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