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    Wednesday 18 May 2022
    Lani and Paulina keep a secret from Eli and Abe.
    Steve raises Abe’s suspicions.
    Nicole is disappointed by Eric’s news.
    Xander and Maggie struggle to tell Sarah the truth.

    Lani is sleeping in Eli’s room. Bloody TR walks in with a gun and says he loves Lani and he’s tormenting her for shooting him

    Lani startles awake

    Paulina flashing back to TR apologizing

    Long series of TR and Paulina flashbacks

    Rafe brings Paulina some coffee. He’s there to question her about the shooting

    Nicole is taking the day off to spoil Rafe who worked all night

    Nicole opens the door to Eric “Finally I have been waiting all night to make love to you.” She says she thought he was Rafe

    Nicole said Allie and Lucas took Henry to the park to feed the ducks. Eric remembers when they used to do that with Holly. He asks how Holly is and she says he can see her later. Eric says he’s leaving Salem

    Xander won’t let Maggie tell Sarah the truth about the baby. Sarah is freaking out about the baby

    Steve came to see Abe. Steve fills him in on what happened with Tripp

    Paulina is speaking to Rafe without an attorney. Come on, Paulina!

    Rafe asks Paulina to confirm that’s the weapon she used. Rafe wants to know how she got Lani’s gun

    Lani is telling Eli about her nightmare

    Eli asked Lani what happened when TR got shot

    Steve is filling Abe in on what happened when TR got shot

    Paulina is trying explain how she got Lani’s gun. She said she grabbed it from Lani’s holster

    Lani evaded Eli’s question

    Lani is going to check on Paulina. She and Eli say ILY

    Rafe wants to know why Paulina shot TR because he didn’t sound like a threat in that moment

    Paulina snaps that Lani did nothing wrong. I don’t know how her story about the shooting holds up for more than a day. Everyone is suspicious

    Rafe wants Paulina to tell him the truth about why she shot an unarmed man. She said she lost it and shot him and he deserved it

    Paulina told Rafe that’s all she has to say

    Abe thinks maybe he heard something. Eli comes to see Abe

    I think Abe and Eli are going to figure this out

    Lani came to see Paulina. Paulson asked how Chanel is

    Eric didn’t want to leave town without saying goodbye. It feels like something got cut

    Nicole asked if Eric is leaving because of her

    Sarah is asking Xander why he said Mickey is with Eric. I think something may have been cut here, too

    Sarah doesn’t know why the baby would be with Eric because they told everyone Xander was Mickey’s father

    I still can’t believe Sarah lied to Eric about his child. Eric had every right to know about his child, and every right to be furious that Xander of all people was playing dad to Mickey

    Xander blamed Nicole for telling Eric that he was Mickey’s father. Sarah wants to go confront Nicole and get her baby

    Xander says Sarah can’t leave because they’re going to have Scottish breakfast

    Xander is stalling so Sarah won’t go see the baby

    Nicole thinks Eric is leaving because she’s seeing Rafe. Eric says he’s really happy for her

    Eric said Nicole is the best friend he ever had

    Eric and Nicole said their love made them a better person. He goes to leave. She stops him and hugs him as Rafe walks up

    Lani said she can’t avoid Rafe forever and Paulina fills her in on what she told him. She won’t let Paulina take the blame

    Eli said Abe got the good jello LOL

    Abe is thinking about how Paulina used Lani’s gun. Eli is shocked

    Abe is thinking about how Paulina used Lani’s gun. Eli is shocked

    Paulina said Lani will go to prison and lose everything if she confesses

    ric tells Rafe that he’s going back to Africa. They shake hands. Eric leaves

    Rafe to Nicole: “That was some hug.” He is so jealous!

    Nicole tells Rafe he has absolutely no reason to be jealous and they kiss

    Xander tells Maggie that he didn’t tell Sarah

    Maggie thinks Sarah will forgive Xander and Sarah walks in

    Rafe is convincing himself that being jealous is part of a relationship

    Nicole said she is committed to Rafe and he wants to go to the bedroom and the shower. Gross

    Xander lies and leaves Sarah with Maggie


    Paulina said domestic violence survivors can have PTSD and that’s what she’ll tell a jury

    Lani won’t let Paulina blame herself for being abused

    Lani won’t let Paulina blame herself for being abused

    Lani hugs Paulinz

    Lani doesn’t want to let Paulina do this for her. Paulina is trying to convince her

    Abe told Eli he heard Paulina say “What have you done?” Eli asks if Abe thinks Lani shot TR

    Eric is on his way out of Salem. Xander says he knows he hates him but he needs his help

    Sarah tells Nicole she’s there to take her baby home

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