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    Monday 25 April 2022
    A possessed Allie reveals her true intentions to Ben.
    Johnny is tormented as he watches Chanel and Tripp finding solace in each other’s arms.
    Paulina puts the brakes on TR’s advances.
    Beth attempts to tell Lani the truth about TR.

    Beth remembering what TR told her about shooting Eli. TR and Paulina kiss. Johnny’s upset about watching Chanel and Tripp kiss

    TR and Paulina kiss, he asks if its ok and she says yes.

    TR has longed to be with Paulina like this, its like no time has passed at all. Paulina says so much time has passed but he makes her feel like that young girl who was swept off her feet

    TR says everyone is out, the twins are asleep, he could sweep her off her feet again. Tripp and Chanel kissing. He says she tastes like cherries. She says 4 cherry bombs will do that

    TR says everyone is out, the twins are asleep, he could sweep her off her feet again. Tripp and Chanel kissing. He says she tastes like cherries. She says 4 cherry bombs will do that

    Johnny is watching them kiss and has tears in his eyes

    The waiter asks if they want to get a room and Chanel giggles thats a good idea. Johnny shouts don’t!

    Allie says she will go but she wants to show Ben some pics of clothes she said she would give Ciara. She says this is my fav and its a pic of a baby in a devil costume “your little guy will be the handsomest devil on the block”

    Julie comes in and Lani introduces her to Beth. Julie is rude.

    Beth is explaining Eli was on her mind since she was probably the last person to see him before he got shot.

    Julie says you said TR turned his life around – did I get that right?

    TR wants to make Paulina a manhattan in a martini glass just the way she likes. Paulina calls wait – as much as she would love him to sweep her off her feet tonight, not tonight – not yet

    TR asks if that is because of Abe, right?

    Abe at the Pub, Kate is behind the bar helping Roman out. She has a lot of free time on her hands

    Abe asks if she wants to come back to the mayors office but she thinks he is fine without her

    Abe asks for a gin and tonic – make it a double. Kate says that sounds serious. She says she is not an official bartender but she is a good listener

    Johnny watching Chanel and Tripp kiss and says just stay there, don’t leave together! Chanel wants another round but the waiter cuts them off

    Chanel says its destiny – “your place or mine”

    A loopy Ben says you dressed up Henry as the devil for Halloween? Allie says she did, it was adorable. Ben doesn’t remember that

    Ben thinks there is something in the tea. Allie says tea leaves – she lived in London, remember? They take their tea very seriously. Ben stares at the leaves at the bottom of the cup. I think they’re supposed to look like devil horns?

    Abe says love can be tricky. He tells Kate about Paulina and how they thought settled into a new normal, go-grandparents etc

    Abe said Paulina kissed him and it rattled her but how can he trust her? Kate thinks he can but Abe doesn’t think so

    TR says Abe doesn’t appreciate her but he does. She says yeah he did back then but then she was in over her head

    Paulina wants to take things slow. TR makes a fist in rage but hides it and says he understands. He says he loves her and will be patient

    A frustrated upset Johnny is watching Tripp and Chanel.

    Chanel says they can go to her moms place she’ll be asleep

    Johnny is shouting I love you Chanel don’t do this

    Ben says the tea leaves look like…Allie smirks reading tea leaves doesn’t seem like your thing

    Allie asks if he wants more and Ben knocks the cup over. Allie asks if they’re thinking of names – she loves Damien. Ben is seeing fuzzy and says Allie something is wrong

    Allie says don’t you get it, I’m not Allie. Her eyes turn yellow

    TR comes in to see Eli and gives Beth a dirty look as she excuses herself

    Kate wants to play devils advocate. Abe laughs does he need one

    Kate said she’s come to appreciate Paulina after a conversation they had a while back. She said Paulina told her her story, why she gave up Lani

    Kate hopes Abe gives Paulina another chance

    Paulina is remembering kissing Abe and then TR. she shakes her head and Chanel and Tripp come in. Chanel says mama! I thought you’d be in bed!! Paulina asks what’s going on. Chanel says ok goodnight, we are going to my room. P says the hell you are

    Ben says you’re the devil. AlDevil says took you long enough

    TR asks how Eli is and Lani says the same. TR says I’m sorry sweetheart as Julie gives him a dirty look

    TR asks what Beth wanted to tell him? Lani says she didn’t know she left without telling me. Julie says you distracted her – I am assuming your relationship didn’t end well? TR smiles why would you say that?

    Abe is telling Kate about TR moving in on a vulnerable Paulina

    Paulina says you are not going into your bedroom, especially when you’re not 4 sheets to the wind. “Nothing good comes from the kind of fun you too are talking about”

    AlDevil says she has big plans for that baby but he needs him out of the way. She didn’t poison Ciara, not yet anyway. Ben tries to get up passes out. “Looks like it’s curtains for you Ben Weston”

    Julie says the twins are her great-grand babies and she knows he was a danger to Paulina. She hopes it’s true he is a new man. If he hurts anyone she loves he’ll have her to deal with

    Paulina says she says this because he loves her – Chanel just said she wanted to take a break from relationships

    “You’re drunk as a skunk Dr Johnson”

    Paulina goes to get them water and call a cab. Chanel says awkward and Tripp agrees

    Chanel thinks her mom is right. Tripp says she seems sensible. He says he probably won’t remember this tomorrow but he hopes they can still he friends. She says I’d like that

    AlDevil comes in and asks Johnny how was the show? She can change the channel so he can watch the event. She says she dealt with a Ben Weston once and for all

    Johnny asks what that means? Allie says he is getting a cryptmate

    Allie smirks she doesn’t know how long Johnny will still be alive anyway

    Chanel says it really hurts that Johnny went halfway around the world to get away from her. Tripp says that idiot is a jerk

    Tripp and Chanel are giggling and Paulina comes back with water and slams it on the table. She says your car is here and Tripp jokes Paulina made him feel right at home

    Paulina gets a sweet dreams text from TR. Abe thinks Paulina is giving TR a chance to win her back. Kate says sometimes that’s how abusive relationships work

    Kate says if she is going to take TR back she is afraid it won’t end well. Julie asks if she came in too strong. Lani says she was fierce and they love that about her

    TR is at Beth’s door “hey Bethie.

    He says what the hell were you doing with Lani?? He thought he could trust her. If he can’t he’ll find some other way to keep her quiet. He pushes his way in and slams the door as we hear her scream

    Ben is chained to the wall in the crypt. Johnny thinks he’s dead and Allie says you always were the stupider twin – he’s alive. Ben comes to and says “Ciara” and AlDevil smirks “apparently he only knows one word”

    Allie says she is going to take care of Ciara and the baby. End.


    The question that I have is with Tripp knowing very well that Allie had sexual relations with Chanel, he’s more than willing to make out hot & heavily with Chanel in a drunken state, is extremely odd, don’t you think, especially with him being a doctor, wouldn’t that give Craig grounds to fire Tripp, given that he was so willing to souse it up with Chanel & make-out with her & yet he’s in Craig employ at the hospital?, no matter if Craig wasn’t seen or not?

    With Julie & Lani both knowing about Beth’s history with T.R. the last thing they need is for T.R. to murder Beth, especially, with how many people know about his history & how Beth fits into it, don’t you think?

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