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I think the more interesting twist is that once Viv realizes it’s Melanie and not Mia, she will have to reconsider all of her plans. She wants to be in Phillip’s good graces and that would be impossible to do if she’s out trying to kill Melanie. I hope that if Dr. Dan does turn out to be the daddy, that it doesn’t split him and Chloe. They wouldn’t be the first couple to deal with a child from another relationship, so the writers better not muck up that relationship. And although Victor doesn’t like Carly, he cares a lot for Phillip and for Daniel. I don’t know that he would want to jeopardize his relationship with either of them.

Does Carly know for sure that Melanie is her daughter or does she just suspect it? That could be a twist, then what if it really is Mia? Too many questions hanging in the air here.