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I’m not saying Mia’s bad choices were Nicole’s fault.  I’m just thinking her nasty, witchy side could be her trying, unsuccessfully, to stop being everybody’s doormat and doing what they tell her is best for her.  Yes, she made a bad choice having sex with Chad but who’s to say she instigated it.  She might have caved under pressure and just gone along with it not to get him upset with her.  She made a decision to give her baby away because she knew she couldn’t support it and take care of it.  She might have gone about it the wrong way by selling her baby but again, we don’t know how she met Doc Baker.  With no money she went to a clinic, away from Salem so her friend’s wouldn’t know what happned and he convinced her this was the best thing to do.  Then Nicole comes into the picture.  At first Mia didn’t want to give her baby to Nicole because she wasn’t married but Nicole convinces her and she again thinks she’s making the best decision. 

I know I’m probably speculating a lot on how things happened but I see Mia as a girl who didn’t get much love from her mother and wanted that love so much she was afraid to upset people and have them also turn on her so she made bad choices by listening to these people who convinced her they cared about her.  Now after she sees how those people took advantage of her she’s decided to start acting like them and see what that gets her.