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that want to see EJ and Sami together in any kind of story line.  There is such a chemistry (I’ve said this a zillion times before) between them. 

It’s not one espisode, it’s the entire history of EJ and Sami being together and the "sparks" that those two have when they are on screen – they are like a Tracy/Heburn or Grant/any of his leading ladies

It’s not what Mr. Scott or the writer’s want – it’s all about the fans and what they want to see (at least most of us).  He can be horrible, he is horrible – I’ll give you that; but then so can his leading lady Sami (Nicole was good at fawning over him and her quest for him and his money and her so-called family).   Sami can leave him but there is always that attraction and pull back toward EJ no matter how much she trys to get away.  Of all Sami’s men in the past, EJ is the one who gets under her skin.

I’d rather see the quick heated love or hate repartee that flares up between Samantha and EJ than most of the acting that goes on between other characters.