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Sami’s forever partner would be EJ for me.  Now don’t slam me folks – I love EJ…I’ve always thought those two had chemistry from day one. 

It’s time that Sami after all those guys in her life to be with just one.  Sami Brady and EJ Demira – the Brady/Demira clans would be like the Hatfield and McCoys – a forever battle that the writer’s can draw on story lines for years. 

Yes, I love Rafe and want to see lot’s more of him, but let’s face it – Rafe being an FBI agent again, makes him too good and with Sami being miraculously changed into a "goody"  – you just can’t pair the two together and have a non-boring story line.  We have to have something go wrong or else we wouldn’t watch.

I know Bonbon you said no contingencies but that’s too hard to do.  Unless, the writers start writing good story lines like they used to do for Bo and Hope.  They are a "forever couple" and the only things that break them up are cruises gone wrong, identities being lost, acid fire pits, etc., sans of course, the stupid story line now that Bo and Hope are in.

 Plus, from what Rafe said (two days or so ago), he would be in Salem to help coordinate the search for Sydney, that kind of gave me pause that what happens afterwards – another FBI assignment somewhere else? That is why I’m thinking he may not be in Salem that much longer, no $$$, just a feeling.