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Brady or Chole could, should, or would forgive Nicole for what she’s done to them.  Nicole has done a lot of damaging things to people, Phillip, Victor, Sami, EJ and even little Sydney (the poor child would have a repressed memory of her as Mommy in her very formative year). 

I think sometimes that the writers believe that all of us have amnesia when it comes to story lines that they write or else we all have the IQ of a peeled orange.  We’ve all said time and again about the lack of contiuity in the show.  Don’t the writer’s have some kind of computer story line tracking device to say ‘oh that isn’t plausible in the story line because this or that happened in this story line?’  Or is it that they just believe that they can do anything they want at anytime?  

As much as I like Nicole’s character, I would really like to see some major punishment for all the stuff she’s done over the years but especially this kidnapping – and I won’t accept a postpartum defense because she lost her own child.  But then too, with that line of justice, I would need to be calling for Victor’s, Vivian’s, EJ’s, Sami’s, Kate’s and Stephano’s heads on a platter because they’ve all been just as bad or worse.