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I guess I don’t notice these things, I don’t notice when there is diversity in a show or when there is not.  I don’t see color, race, or religion, I see characters.  I guess that is how i live my life in general.  I don’t see a person’s race or religion, I see who they are as a person.

There are many towns out there with lack of diversity.  The town I grew up in you were either white or black.  Now religion was a little more diverse, but not much.  There were very few jews (I think I knew one family).  Most everyone was catholic, some other christian religion, or not religious at all.

I get upset when people say a show needs to be more diverse.  Why can’t a show depict a portion of the US?  Why does everything have to revolve around race?  When people make a big deal about it, I think it makes race and religion issues even worse.  Just my personal opinion.