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Ms. Jake

I feel for Stephanie’s character. She lost Max’s affection because of the shennanigans Melanie pulled, to force Max to take her side over Stephanie’s…that led to their breakup. Then when Stephanie moved on, discovered she had feelings for Phillip, again Melanie was right there putting the gabosh on that, ultimately ending her engagement to Phillip! I give her credit for even trying for awhile to be civil,much less  a friend with this girl.But, to my amazment, many people have been routing for this very girl who has caused so much trouble and tragedy for so many people…because of her greed.The writters have spent considerable time working her character through these obstacles and neglected IMO to pay attention to a key character( Patch & Kayla’s daughter)who is sentimental to this show. I liked the pairing of Stephanie and Phillip,against all the odds, they managed to get together. I thought they had great chemistry, and thought it was cool cause they are dating in real life! I always thought Phillip had a good and a bad side, myself. And I admired Stephanie for trying to urge Phillip to do the right thing in bussiness and in his life! But here again…alot of people found it appaulling that she wanted to change him…go figure, I’d want my daughter to be more like Stephanie then Melanie. Not that I don’t like Melanie….but she is a bit animated, and get’s on my nerves sometimes. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I feel the writters have dropped the ball with Stephanie’s character, and focused too much on changing Melanie , and rewarding her with all this story, at Stepahnie’s expense.