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 I’m kidding, I guess you meant Melanie?  As to changing history on Melanie: I don’t think they really needed to do that as we never learned who Melanie’s mother was to begin with.  The only ones that were connected to her were Max (believed to be her half-brother) and Trent (? I think that was his name who was supposed to be Max’s biological father).  Since Trent never acted very fatherly to her, it isn’t much of stretch to believe that Lawrence gave him the girl as a baby.  If I remember the story, Trent made her get money for them and it sounded like she was prostituted to do it. Other than Nicole’s father or some other lowlife, what real father would do that to their daughter?   It would make a lot more sense that he wasn’t her biological father and just pretended to be and used her for his own purposes. Carly also didn’t seem to like the "him" that her daughter was given to.