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 that would have any kid having a hard time.  She was 16 and left alone by a guy she loved but felt he didn’t love her because he just left her.  She was put out on the street at least twice (once by her mother and once by the older sister/relative she lived with).  She’s had a very hard life for a young girl.  She has no choice but to take it as it comes.  The part I didn’t buy was when she went to that foreign country to dance and then returned having failed.  I just wouldn’t have seen her leaving to begin with.  I also see some of the reaction the actress has is because she is only 16 while the actor that plays Chad is at least 18.  He is dating Melanie in real life so he’s in a younger story line than he actually is age wise.   Will, is only slightly older than Mia.   

Mia actually reminds me of Leann Rimes’ character when she briefly appeared on the show.  She has that ‘waif’ type look/expression.  I’d have a harder time if the character went to the extreme of being the party animal type.