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I’ll try to answer your questions:

– why is Hope living at Victor’s of all places?  

She wanted to be away from Bo, and somehow she couldn’t live with Doug and Julie.

– when did Maggie’s place become a halfway house?

She first invited Melanie to live with her when Melanie had nowhere to go, then she invited Mia to live with her when Mia’s cousin left and couldn’t live nowhere else. Real life reason: They probably don’t have many sets.

– who is Carly’s daughter, has it been disclosed yet?

It has not been mentioned, only that she’s living with Maggie. There are spoilers that say who it is.

– where is Lucas?

He’s around, he just doesn’t have a storyline right now.

– why did Victor welcome Vivian into his home?

They both hate Carly and want to bring her down.

– since Dr Dan and Carly  know each other for so long, were they both aware of the other’s relationship with Victor (godson and ex-wife)?

That remains to be seen.