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 I saw the original Roman/Anna. First off Anna ran away from Roman because he didn’t make enough money to keep her happy and she faked her death to do it while she was also pregnant with his first child (Carrie).  He hurt for over 5 years due to that decision of her’s.  Marlena was the woman who he took a chance with after having that happen.

Then Anna came back and faked an illness to cause trouble for Roman again with Stefano pulling the strings.  That said, I don’t see him being interested in her again but the problem is that Roman was Wayne Northrup then and not Josh Taylor.  Josh’s character "Chris K" was more of the wild type, club owner etc.  So Chris’ character would have been a better match for Anna.  Unfortunately, the writers way back messed around with the Roman/Chris actors which means that things might work if you can forget what Anna did to the real Roman.  I still see Josh’s character as Fauxman since to me, he’ll never be anything but Chris K.  For those that never saw the original Roman, I could understand where you would see a connection.  

Anna and Tony were each other’s true loves from the beginning to the end.