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well, there are spoilers that give the heads-up on Brady and Nicole!

…I think Ari and EJ would make a cute couple! I’m all for it, actually…Especially if the writers WON’T put EJ and Sami back together (I’d rather have them together, over all couples)! My guess is that the writers will have EJ and Ari fall heavily in lust or love with each other, and then by the time she realizes that he’s the drug lord, she’s gonna struggle with turning him in to the cops! If anything, I think she will become a BAD GIRL and be down for her man (EJ)! That would be a really cool SL and a sizziling couple!


Oh, and ummm…I so TOTALLY don’t want EJ and Nicole back together. Ugh!  They’re so not a match, in my book. Nicole needs to serve her time in jail, and then try to rekindle whatever it was that she and Roman had going on that one blistful night at the hotel, before she exited the last time from the show! Now that would be a very interesting/exciting couple to watch! NICOLE-ROMAN!