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I think she is very happy with her life right now and would not want to come back yet.  I agree I would love them back, but since I can’t.  I think my favorite person to bring back would be Eric.  Also a new love interest of some kind for him.  I think that would be it.  Mainly because most of the vets I would want back I wouldn’t want their relationships tested any more.  Therefore, I wouldn’t mind some new young couples (like we have with Brady & Ari) to be on canvess.  Then play with some older pairings (Vic & Caroline) that are not established yet.  Then some middle age couples like Justin & Carly.

Bringing back old favorite couples like John, Marlena, Kayle, & Steve don’t work.  The writers don’t know how to write for them and not mess with their relationship.  So what SL is there for these couples?  We don’t like when they are broken up at all and therefore you can’t have too many "happy" couples on canvess.