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Pammydog, thank you for bringing the historical aspect into this discussion.  I too, am frustrated w/Bo & Hope’s actions and reactions in the current storyline but putting your comments into perspective, the past (and way-way-past) storylines were when DOOL was a highly rated soap.

And here we are begging that our soap will get a contract renewal,  so we can continue with our addiction to the Salemites…. which requires good ratings.  For the past 40 years, I’ve always said "I hate this storyline" but I really hate to admit that this is what keeps the ratings up. 

Your reference to following the characters (books & soaps) is right up my alley.  We want to see and feel the love, the hardships overcome, the hard lessons learned.  The soap writes don’t agree w/me, but I want to see long lasting, connected relationships — the kind that finishes each other’s sentences!

Thanks again for your insight.