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You nailed Brady right on the head!  Not to mention Nicole trying to "fry" Victor with the toaster (or was it a radio) in the bathtub…and a whole lot of other stuff that she’s done over the years.  So what she’s had a badddddd childhood, get over it Nicky, buck up and change if it’s not too late.  Of course, we do have to have someone to rant and rave and throw pillows at the t.v.  Now that Sami is a Miss Goodytwoshoes, (remember how bad she used to be), Melanie is too young to take Nicole’s place as number one bad girl just yet (although Sami did start out at about 15 or so).  Kate and Vivy are fun to watch most times but they can get a bit predictable.  Give it up Brady – Nicole is irredeemable.