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I missed not being to talk all about these shows this week!!!  Glad to see the new site is up and running.  I too felt some smidgen of sympathy for Nicole until she started blaming Mia of all people.  I mean, this young girl finds out that she’s been lied to, that she’s ruined her reputation, all for the sake of a baby that wasn’t hers and Nicole has the audacity to blame her for it?!!  I mean, seriously?!!  Nicole doesn’t seem to have any sympathy for the fact that Mia just found out her baby DIED.  DIED!!  And, she’s blaming her?!  Of all the people that confront her and will confront her, Mia should be the one person she truly is sorry for and she doesn’t even care.

And, if Brady stands by her, he is absolutely a fool.  You called it Bonbon.  Now, I’m not against him eventually forgiving her, because I really like him with Nicole.  They have a great relationship and great chemistry.  And, honestly, I don’t like him with Arianna.  But, he needs to lay into her.  She needs to feel the sting of everyone’s rejection, because it doesn’t seem to me that she gets it yet.  She is still so focused on HER that she doesn’t realize the pain she’s caused everyone else.  She seriously is delusional enough to believe she was in the right.  Crazy.