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but yesterday’s show was preempted here in Maryland for about 20 minutes for a report from the President on the Haiti earthquake, and when regular broadcasting had returned, I figured I had missed some discussions between E.J. and Anna about Sami being kept in the dark, and I was right.  When I watched the show that evening on Soapnet, E.J. was telling Anna how his plan was not only to take revenge on Samantha, but also on Stefano AND Nicole as well, so it turns out that Sami’s trust in E.J. leaves more that something to be desired.  She is radical and over-the-top, but she is not stupid.  She knows Rafe has been protecting her and that he has been right on-spot so far, from Stefano and Nicole, right down to E.J. DiMera, and yet she continues with this false trust, to put it mildly, in E.J. simply because why…..because he’s been so truthful with her in the past???  I really have liked the way the writers have been writing Ali lately, but if they insist on returning her to a pathetic, over-reacting screaming idiot, then shame on them.  You can redeem the most horrible of characters and everyone will love them when they first hated them, but this flip-flop they do with Sami Brady is just too much to bear.  If they insist on writing her this way, then I hope Rafe leaves her when he finds out the truth.  He has loved and protected her and had her best interests at heart practically from the start, so for Sami to side with E.J. and hide the truth from Rafe just burns me to my soul.  In the meantime, Sydney will undoubtedly grow to need some serious therapy from all of this bullshi* this poor child has had to endure.  They also showed her walking across her playpen into James’ arms yesterday.  She took about 3 or 4 steps.  It was so cute.  They must be using the other twin though, because this one doesn’t seem to smile as much and I have noticed several times that she has teary eyes and does not react as well to the other actors.