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because right now it could go either way, depending on this writing staff, and I must admit that I don’t have much confidence in these sls that go on forever.  It will make more sense if they make it Melanie, because then they could drag it on forever because of the fast change of heart that undoubtedly Victor and Vivian would take, knowing they were trying to kill Phillip’s fiance.  Anyway, my thought is that they won’t be ending this anytime soon; at least not before the "wedding" next month.  Sooooooo, my guess is that someone will try and stop the wedding, and my ultimate speculation is that that person will be none other than……Lawrence Alamain…..so there, I’ve said it; from my lips to the writers’ ears; (lol) anyway, that’s my guess.  I have never believed for one minute that Lawrence is dead and this "who’s the daughter" storyline, for me, is no better than a ‘who’s the daddy/mommy’ or the baby switch sl for that matter.  Now Lawrence showing up just when everyone thinks things might be calming down will, I hope, explode into the real sl behind the return of Dr. Carly Manning AND Vivian Alamain.