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I too think the hatred of Carly is a bit forced. Although I don’t like Carly’s weaseling her way into Bo’s life right now, what did she ever do to Melanie or to Mia–nothing!

I do know all of those things about Suzanne. I remember when they wrote the myasthenia gravis into her storyline.

I loved the red shoes story–always one of my favorites.

Lisa Trussel still looks the same except for hair color. I like it better lighter, but that’s because that’s how I remember her. She is probably close to my age (47) so she could have a child that old. My oldest is only 11, but I have a friend whose oldest is 29 and he has children my kids’s age.

I am glad we had a few flashbacks, but would have loved to have seen a few from when Julie was a wild teenager–that would have been fun!